16 Year Old Behind the Wheel Program

This 6 hour program is REQUIRED for any student who is 16 and wishes to get their NJ permit. It consists of 3, 2 hour lessons. All DMV work is performed by our staff. We also provide the state required eye examination in our office and, if needed, the written test exam. Students NEVER go to the DMV location. Student permits are purchased and validated at the DMV by Windsor-Brunswick staff and their road test date is scheduled. Students also receive their 6 hour certificate for insurance discounts and a full progress report from their instructor.


17 and Up Program

Although the 6 hour behind the wheel is not required for a student who already has a permit, we offer the program, regardless of age, to benefit from professional instruction and prepare them for their road test. If you are under 21, you will still receive the certificate of completion for your insurance discount.


Adult Re-Evaluation

Many adult students have been sent to us by their doctors to assess their driving proficiency and safety. We offer a 2 hour session to complete this evaluation.


Road Test Service

Your road test is an exciting day and also a stressful time. We offer a program to help with that. Our road test service consists of an hour refresher course before your scheduled test to help with the parallel parking portion and the overall road test preparation. We will also transport you to the DMV testing location and use the Windsor-Brunswick car for the actual road test.

Windsor-Brunswick Driving Academy Instructor & Student